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  • Vessel Safety Check

    Vessel Saftey Check

    A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (Vessel) to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment required by State and the Federal regulations. Our flotilla has vessel examiners qualified to check your vessel! Please click here to request a free Vessel Safety Check.

  • Boating Safety

    Boating Safety

    Each year hundreds of lives are lost... thousands are injured... and millions of dollars of property damage occurs because of preventable recreational boating accidents on U.S. waterways. Too often pleasure outings turn tragic. You — as a boat operator, passenger, or concerned individual — can make a difference.

  • Search & Rescue

    Search & Rescue

    Search and Rescue (SAR) is one of the Coast Guard's oldest missions. Minimizing the loss of life, injury, property damage or loss by rendering aid to persons in distress and property in the maritime environment has always been a Coast Guard priority.